Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Software Developer


First Name: Ivan
Middle Name: Youry
Last Name: Ryabov

Citizenship: Russian Federation
Birthday date: 23/10/1979
Marital status: Single
City: Novosibirsk
Country: Russia

Phone: +7 923 706 9015
E-mail address: black-sire]bowwow[
Home page:


Russian: native
English: technical - good, spoken - basic, written - basic

*Level: excellent/good/basic


1. Secondary School

Start and finish dates: 1987 - 1997
School: #8
City: Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk region

Some subjects:
Math – excellent
Physics – good
Chemistry - good

2. Awards

Year: 1995
City: Ust-Ilimsk
Contest type: City Olympiad in Programming
Your result: 1st place.

2. Higher Education

Start and finish dates: 1997-2002
Institution: Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics Department of Computing Systems (TUSUR)
City: Tomsk
Faculty: Department of Computing Systems
Specialty: Electronic computer building
Diploma: Engineer-Programmer
Subject of theses: “CAD of telecommunication system for registration and monitoring”
Your grade in theses: excellent


Description Total experience
(in month)
Most recent use Level *
Programming languages and tools
Microsoft C Sharp, .NET (MCTS certificate) 64 2012 expert
ASP.NET, DotNetNuke, MS SharePoint 8 2007 good
SUN Java, JSP, JSF 11 2009 good
Microsoft Visual C++\GCC\CLANG 80 now advanced
Qt\QML 45 now advanced
Borland C++ Builder 24 2002 advanced
Borland Pascal 6 1998 advanced
Borland C 3.11 20 1998 advanced
Borland Delphi 1 1999 advanced
HTML, CSS, JavaScript 36 2003 advanced
InstallShield, MS Setup projects 16 2009 advanced
MSI \ WiX 18 now advanced
Assembler (mmx, sse) 5 2001 good
SoftIce 1 2003 good
GIT, WinCVS, Subversion, MS VSS 123 now advanced
Sybase Power Designer (UML Desiner)\ERWIN 8 2008 advanced
Quick Basic 6 1996 advanced
MS SQL, Oracle (PL\SQL Developer) 24 2012 good
Libraries, technologies, standards
OpenGL\GLSL (Win\Mac) 51 now advanced
DirectX(DirectDraw, Direct3D) 8 2001 advanced
DirectShow 6 2002 advanced
COM 12 2002 advanced
ATL 12 2002 advanced
WTL 12 2002 advanced
MFC 3 2003 good
MPEG2\MPEG4 codec 6 2003 good
Operating Systems
DOS\Windows 139 now expert
Apple Mac OS X 69 now advanced
Google Android 2 2013 good
pSOS (TriMedia chip) 4 2003 good
Linux 2 2000 basic
Hardware Platforms
Z80 24 1995 advanced
IBM PC 240 now expert
TriMedia(Multimedia processor) 8 2003 good
Web related
Php, MySql, 2 2002 basic
Perl 2 2000 basic
Web design 18 2010 good
Graphics and multimedia software
Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDraw, SoundForge, CoolEditPro, Cubase, and other software for sound\video produce and music creation. -- now good

*Level: expert/advanced/good/basic


Dates: 2012-now
Company: visution
Position: Founder, developer and designer
Responsibilities: C++\Qt\QML\OpenGL\GLSL\GCC\MacOSX

Dates: 2009-2012
Position: Senior Developer
Responsibilities: C# .NET, WIX, MS SQL Server, Telerik components.

Dates: 2008-2009
Company: SibirSoftProject
Position: Senior Developer
Responsibilities: Client\server applications for analysis, registration and oil extracting planning. C# .NET, Java, Oracle, DevExpress components.

Dates: 2003-2007
Type of company: develops complex software projects and Internet systems
Position: Software developer
Responsibilities: Visual C++, C#, .NET technology (.NET Remoting and others), Java, JSF, JINI.
Full-time or Part-time: Full Time

Dates: 2001-2003
Company: Darim Vision Co.Ltd.
Type of company: IT Engineering\Digital Video streams and Security Systems
Position: Software developer
Responsibilities: Visual C++, DirectShow filters, mpeg4-mpeg2 formats, optimization of mpeg4 encoder, syntactic analysis of mpeg2 (debugging tools) WTL, ATL. TriMedia programming, mpeg2 Muxer in C for MDVR (Standalone Mpeg Digital Video Recorder), and other components; optimization.
Full-time or Part-time: 1year - Part Time, 1year - Full Time

Dates: 1998-2001
Company: TUSUR, Chair of KEVA (now KIBEVS).
Type of company: University
Position: Webmaster (
Responsibilities: Design(html, css, javascripts) and support.
Full-time or Part-time: Part Time


Total experience of programming - 20 years.
Advanced experience of design and developing User Interfaces.
Experience of programming 3D space modeling and 3D render – 50 month.